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For over 23 years now, IMEX® has been active as a denture supplier in the German dental market. Today, our company, with several hundred employees in its manufactories in Germany and in the greater area of Hong Kong, as well as in our partner laboratory in Turkey, produces top-quality dental restorations with a unique five-year guarantee. 

Our company

"Every single order receives the individual attention it deserves to provide an outstanding result."

IMEX® – Dental Lab Work

Competence and quality that pays off

We produce TÜV-certified dental prosthesis „made in Germany“ and quality dental
replacement in our international production. As one of the largest providers of dental
prostheses in Germany, we produce highquality tooth replacement on top conditions
and add a five-year warranty to it!


We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers. We value our people and strive to build the best possible quality product everyday.

We only process high quality CE-materials that are approved in Germany. A proof of the material composition is provided in the IMEX® patient passport and instead of the legally required 2 years, we provide an extended 5-year guarantee on all of our products. 

When it comes to quality, we do not make any compromises. Only products that pass the test of the critical eyes of our master dental technicians may leave our house.

97% of all customers are satisfied to very satisfied concerning with the qualitative Services of IMEX®
Over 99% of the orders arrive reliable and on time in the dental clinics

The IMEX® is a TÜV-certified company. 

Every single order receives the individual attention it deserves to provide an outstanding result.

State-of-the-art production technologies in combination with large quantities, high capacity utilization and sophisticated logistics enable IMEX® to offer a sensationally favourable price calculation even in international comparison. Strict quality controls, done by our experienced master dental technicians in the parent company in Essen and excellently trained dental technician teams in all our production sites, make IMEX® the ideal partner for high-quality dental lab work. 


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