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“The great idea at the beginning of it all, was to offer modern, quality-orientated dental lab work at top conditions and it is still like that nowadays."
Jan-Dirk Oberbeckmann, MBA (USA) – Founder


At the time the company was found in 1995, nobody could have guessed that this idea would lead to a company with several hundred employees and develop itself not just only to one of the largest providers of Dental restorations in Germany, but also to a provider of a unique range of services in the German dental market. 

State-of-the-art production technologies in combination with large quantities, high capacity utilization and sophisticated logistics enable IMEX® to offer a sensationally favourable price calculation even in international comparison. Strict quality controls, done by our experienced master dental technicians in the parent company in Essen and excellently trained dental technician teams in all our production sites, make IMEX® the ideal partner for high-quality dental lab work.

Today, we combine various business and service sectors under the umbrella of the IMEX DENTAL Group. From dental lab work to the network of dentists, the DENT-NET®, to billing services for dental clinics ,as well as our own dental offices- our work is based on the highest quality standards.

We support you as a dentist, as a patient and also as a health insurance company. Take your time and take a good look at our portfolio of different services. We are looking forward meeting you.

Best regards,
Jan-Dirk Oberbeckmann, MBA (USA)
Imex Dental und Technik GmbH 


May 1995


Founded as Imex Dental Corp. in the USA. Manufacturing and trade in dental technology, import to Germany.


Sales Office

Opening of a sales office in Düsseldorf. Start of the Cooperation with our partner laboratory in Singapore.


Fondation laboratory

Foundation of own laboratory, Imex Dental Lab. GmbH. In addition to domestic production, the entire logistics, quality control and repairsas well as the customer service runs here centrally.


Contract with VDAK

for the delivery of cost-reduced
dental technician services. Opening of the Sales Representative Office Zurich. 



 ISO 9001: 2000 for our production facility in Singapore. Opening of the sales office Vienna.



of a nationwide network of customer service representatives.
New cooperation for the extension of the
Capacity with a large laboratory in China. 


New contractual ties

with company health insurance funds. Founding contract "integrated supply", cash register network with performance modules prophylaxis and dentures. Sales expansion in Austria and Switzerland.


Contractual commitment 

to the DENT-NET® concept for integrated supply. Moving to new laboratories
with further sales expansion. 


Contractual commitment 

to the extended network DENT-NET® with 300 dental clinics and GKV coffers. Opening of the own milling center in Essen.


Binding as a partner

 to the cooperation agreement § 73 c SGB V with the DAK. Expansion and connection an oral scanning system to the milling center.


Expansion of the company 

headquarters on 2,000 m2. Connection private health insurance CSS, ARAG, VKB,
Barmenia. Founding of Imex Finance GmbH & Co. KG
as an innovative billing company. TUV certification
according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. 


Successful launch of iKrone® 

as first non-veneering fully anatomical zirconium crown. Expansion of the milling center. Introduction of the patient card with individual advantage coupon. Start of the online shop 


Addition of the milling center

 with intraoral scanner and start of the joint research project for the areas iKrone®, iBrücke® and iKrone® anterior tooth with the Wieland Dental GmbH. Market maturity of the iKrone® Front tooth. Opening of the first DENT-NET pro® concept dental clinic in the cooperation model with economic and legally independent dentist in Düsseldorf.



 of the second DENT-NET pro® concept dental clinic. Cooperation test on the subject of sleep medicine in DENT-NET® with Dr. med. Hinz group. iKrone® exceeds monthly four-digit production number.


Growth of the dental network

 DENT-NET® over 800 dentists. Further development of the DENTNET® per marketing concept, opening another DENT-NET® pro dental clinic in Cologne, Berlin and others Cities. Expansion of the Essen Milling Center Connection of new premises and implementation of a quality offensive combined technology. Profit of the DAK Tender in the dental performance area Subsidiary INDENTO®.


20th Anniversary 

at the IDS 2015 and Introduction of the novel combined care form iTeleskop®. iKrone® Premium extends INNOVATION PRODUCT RANGE.
Network DENT-NET® wins with the IKK Brandenburg and Berlin for the first time guild health insurance
and continues to grow. DENT-NET® Pro dental clinic openings in Stuttgart, Hamburg and other cities. 


IMEX® Asia

 as a wholly owned subsidiary of IMEX®Dental sets up in Shenzhen, China.